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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes, Effects and Solutions

Erectile dysfunction in young men can be a serious matter of concern, but with the right kind of treatment and lifestyle changes it can be cured in no time.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a very common condition. It is sometimes referred to as ED. It is the inability to have an erection during sexual intercourse. Although many men suffer from the inability to sustain an effective erection during sex, it does not necessarily mean that they are suffering from impotence. It is very important to distinguish between the two conditions. Many other issues can affect sexual ability of a man. Such issues include psychological factors, consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and many other factors. Impotence or male organ dysfunction is normally a sign of an underlying condition in a man. It is always good to consult your physician before you decide to take any medication.

There are no symptoms that a doctor may use to diagnose Impotence or male organ dysfunction. However, there are certain indications that can help the doctor to come to a conclusion. This condition is not very common among young men, although they are not totally safe either. Most of the reported cases are older men. The biggest problem is that most men suffering from this condition are not willing to share their plight with others including the doctors fearing the negative vibes that the situation could entail. It is particularly embarrassing for younger patients to suffer from Impotence or male organ dysfunction. The embarrassment among the people suffering from Impotence or male organ dysfunction is the biggest hindrance in obtaining comprehensive statistical information about the condition in a population. Impotence or male organ dysfunction can lead to depression particularly in young men without sexual experience or a relatively less sexual experience.

Lot of research has been conducted on the causes of Impotence or male organ dysfunction and it is found that around 20% to 50% of the male population suffering from Impotence or male organ dysfunction also has organ problems. These organ problems normally come with psychological problems and hence make it quite difficult to identify the exact cause of male organ dysfunction. These organ problems include disease of the heart, diabetes, prostate cancer and high blood pressure. Blood clots can also be responsible for male organ dysfunction. This is because a blood clot will prevent blood from flowing into the penis in quantities sufficient enough to sustain an erection. Obesity, poor dietary habits and poor physical health in general are other factors that may cause impotence.

The psychological causes that may cause erectile dysfunction include difficulties experienced in previous relationships, fear, guilt, rejections in the past, religious beliefs, stress, anxiety and depression. Erectile dysfunction caused by psychological issues generally has a sudden onset and is generally associated with a particular sexual partner. There are erectile dysfunction cases caused by psychogenic problems. If the cause is psycho genesis, erection is possible through masturbation, but not in a sexual intercourse. Impotence is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is important to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Let your doctor know what you are facing. You need to reveal to your doctor to help your problem.

A thorough sexual history is will help the doctor determine if the cause of impotence is psycho genetic or organic. erectile dysfunction